The end result is a very smart aesthetic – and one that delivers maximum results for our clients.


Selected Projects

Kathi is currently partnering with Gracenote's product team to develop improved internal tools and provide valuable consumer research. Kathi worked with internal customers to streamline their experience to decrease effort and time required to complete tasks. Research has included Jobs to Be Done interviews. 

Digital Mortar Product Dashboard Refresh
Kathi refreshed the Digital Mortar product dashboard. With an eye for making the interface appealing to both customers and investors, McCracken Design helped Digital Mortar evolve into a next level company. 

dashboard  |  reporting page redesign
With the theme of "Follow us to better stores", Kathi redesigned the marketing website for Digital Mortar. The challenge was to provide significant product and industry information in a compelling format.

home page  | product page

PowerReviews Express
Marketing and enrollment website for PowerReviews Express. Kathi worked closely with the product manager and marketing strategist to design a site that tells a compelling story about the product while making it easy to sign up and get started.  

home page detail  |  tour page detail


Bazaarvoice Local Dashboard
Dashboard for small business owners and store managers to manage their user generated content, respond to reviewers and see their overall online reputation. Features include informative tiles to draw the users attention to what is important while providing actionable information on how to improve. An activity feed also lets the user know what has changed since their last visit. 

dashboard detail


Bazaarvoice Local Reporting
Bazaarvoice Local has many different audiences, from corporate executives to store managers and they all need reports that tell the story they are most interested in. Collecting data is easy. Curating that data and presenting it in a way that makes it easy for the user to understand and act on requires good design. 

email reports


Review Submission Process Research Study
What is the easiest way to have a user complete a product review and a service review in one experience? Is one long form better than clicking through multiple pages? What achieves the highest submission rates? Does requiring both reviews or allowing them to opt out after one review create the most engagement? These are the questions we sought to answer.